Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What are you going to do in case of 4.5, 5.0 or 6.0mm bone width? of fixture implantation.

When dental implantologists meet 4.5~ 6.0mm bone width of molar part, that is ambiguous.

Bone grafting or do mini-fixture implantation.

Even though the existing fixture implantation provides us not the best solutions, we have to do it due to no alternative.

But, We, IBS implant, now supply you better options to solve it.

We, IBS implant, provide dental implantologists 6 No.

No dead space,

No bone grafting,

No bone loss,

No Stress, No heating bone,

No water irrigation,

It means that stress during the fixture implantation is less than any others.

More information will be coming soon.

Best wishes,

Tom, Lee

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dream Series of IBS Implant

Dream Series consists of “Bone Split, 3 Bone Expanders and Sinus Lifter. "

Using the split, we can see patient’s bone density conditions by touching into bone.
If it is inserted well, bone density conditions should be in D4 bone.
If it is inserted well by smooth or general doing mallet, bone density conditions should be in D3 bone.

If it is not well-inserted by smooth or general doing mallet, bone density conditions should be D2 bone. We recommend you use drilling system together.

Dream Series can make fixture implantation hole by manual methods such as malleting. You can expand narrow alveolar ridge then do fixture implantation immediately. Narrow alveolar ridge, it means you can adjust them to the general alveolar ridge with poor bone conditions such as D3 and D4 bone.

Here is an example: What dental surgeons can do when they meet 4.5 or 5.0mm bone width!?

There are two options for solve it by now.

Most dental surgeons do bone grafting then wait almost a half year for osseointergation. Otherwise, they do fixture implantation with mini size while Bone Split & Bone expanders in dream series do fixture implantation.

So dental surgeons have one more options to solve it without bone loss, bone grafting, dead space etc.

How about for the sinus lifting?
There are also various ways such as ossteotome and drilling system, and water irrigation to lift up the sinus membrane with Cristal approach even though there is still laterial approach to open sinus windows.

Laterial Approach surgery system gives much pain and time to patients and dental surgeons. It is really big surgery.

Nowadays, many of dental surgeons look for other ways to do it that they and their patients don’t feel much pain. “Dream Sinus Lifter” in dream series provides them better solutions to lift up sinus membrane because it lifts up the sinus membrane by bone part being cut and fracture in concavity part of the tip with attached to the bone.

H-1 Drill Kit of IBS Implant

We, InnoBioSurg Co.,Ltd, have motor system called “H-1 Drill Kit." We only remove minimized bone to do fixture implantation even we have to remove patient’s bone.
Our motor system is more effective considering existing ones. We can make fixture implantation hole by one time drilling then collect bone core.
Collected bone can be used in bone grafting materials as self-bone grafting beneficially. Drill size is almost similar to fixture so dental surgeons can see the relations among neighboring teeth and opposite teeth when arranging.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Prosthetics System of IBS implant

Regarding prosthetic system, we have abutcopings which one can provide you cost effective and exquisite prosthetics by reducing prosthetics process.
Abutcoping consists of abutment, built-in screw and its cap that doesn’t need impression coping.
I dare to say IBS prosthetic system is one of the most correct impression methods.

IBI (Internal Type) & IBS (Submerged Type) of IBS Implant

We, InnoBioSurg Co.,Ltd, also called IBS Implant, designed IBS implant for separation of internal stress by widening its surface. Specially designed “Anker-groove” between micro thread and body thread, it lets bone core hold happened during the fixture implantation. It means that the anker-groove part collect patient’s bone core additionally and prevents peri-implantitis. Considering osseointegration between bone and fixture, there are generally two effects such as surface treatment of fixture and its shape.

As we know, surface treatment and shape are two of main factors for early osseointergration between fixture and patient’s bone. We have currently adopted RBM [Resorbable Blasting Media] with IBS implant’s surface, which is one of the well-known and proven ones for the long time.

Fixture shape is also one of main factors for the long terms stress dispersion. As I mentioned above, we have designed “Anker-Groove” between micro thread and body thread with tapered type for separation of internal stress. It will let internal stress separate for the long terms too.

IBS Implant

Do we know what dental implant is?
De we know bone must be removed when doing fixture implantation?
Do we know patients and implantologists wanna use reasonable and dedicated treatment?

Do we know which company can supply you this system?

Here we are,

We, InnoBioSurg Co.,Ltd, take always care of patient’s bone conditions . So we have double surgery system such as non-motor or motor to adopt in various cases.

Non-motor system called “Dream Series” improves patient’s bone density without bone loss, bone stress, dead space, bone grafting, it will promote osseointegration between fixture and patient’s bone.

We, InnoBioSurg Co.,Ltd, have also motor system called “H1 Drill”. We only remove minimized bone to do fixture implantation even we have to remove patient’s bone.

But, we have different drilling system considering existing one.
It is more effective ones for users’ and patient’s friendly considering surgery time and cost.
Dental Surgeons can reduce surgery time and bone grafting materials, which let them save cost and time.